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Since 2001, SPLITKING has been keeping on study and research on Log Splitter technical and building solutions.It was been started from zero by MR.Bob, .the Owner of WUYI ZHISHENG TOOL CO.,LTD, a guy who is of great passion,innovation and persistence on mechanical technologies, engrossed himself in a world of machines since graduated from university with his Mechanical Engineering Master's Degree.

With building up a professional sales team from the year 2008, SPLITKING started to export directly, before that the only way for SPLITKING to get orders were all from trading companies.It does helpful for both SPLITKING and its clients, more possibility for SPLITKING to have innovate ideas on its own field and keep updating their technical details as well as marketing abilities,and for its clients they had shorten their supply-chains and been able to hear from their professional supplier directly.

SPLITKING has its own DVP department which set up by 2 log splitter engineers and 1 chief designer.With more than ten years experience on mechanical and electrical they are able to valid different innovate ideas from all around and make ideas to be combined perfectly,besides the basic function improvement they will especially take the longevity ,durability,costs and even marketing in their consideration which SPLITKING saysˇ±Design Machines Aims Marketing ˇ±.